Overwatch – Competitive Mode Delayed

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Overwatch_LogoIt seems that Overwatch players will have to wait for another month to have a taste of the Competitive mode in their beloved game.

It is yet unclear when that will  come since the information that is circulating the Internet says it will be at the end of June, but then again, some sources say it will be at the beginning of the July.

Unfortunately, Blizzard currently doesn’t have anything to say about it, which makes a lot of us really unhappy. To be honest, we don’t mind the wait, but we would definitely like to know when the competitive content will be implemented.


The only information we have so far is that the Competitive mode is number one priority for the Overwatch team. We are well aware that Blizzard wants to make this happen as soon as possible, but we also must keep in mind that some things, if you want to make them right, must not be rushed.

For now, let’s just enjoy Overwatch as it is because, when the Competitive mode comes, the race to the top begins!


Are you excited for the Competitive mode in Overwatch? Let us know!

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