Overwatch Community Suggestions On Lucio Tweaks

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One of the beautiful things about games like Overwatch is that the community is very invested in the characters they main as. Because of that, they want to give suggestions on how to make them more balanced, and a better part of the game, or call out when a character isn’t being taken seriously by Blizzard. For Blizzard, they like to show potential changes on the PTR, known as the Public Test Realm, and see what players think before they release it to the main Overwatch crowd. For on Lucio main, he has some thoughts on the next release. user XecutorAdun actually made his post about the potential tweaks to Lucio to the team at Blizzard, and more specifically, Jeff Kaplan, who has a big presence on the Overwatch forums.

Lucio tweaks

XecutorAdun via Overwatch Forums

He notes that he’s actually pretty happy with the way Lucio is being treated in the PTR currently, a lot of the changes for “Lucio 2.0” are very appealing to mains of the character. However, there are some that don’t feel right for him. The main one being that the heal/speed aura is being set to 10m, and that, in his opinion, is way too small for the character to be effective overall. He gave some very complex equations for this, and came to the conclusion that 12m might be the best way to go for it.

While many players were impressed with his maths skills and his ability to explain why Lucio needed this slight boost, many Overwatch players weren’t convinced that it would happen:

“You know darn well it’s going to hit live unchanged,” said player Sneaky Squid. XecutorAdun added to the post, “Lucio could NEVER heal any of the tanks, but post-buff he can pretty much do so…”

This is not the only discussion that has emerged related to the PTR state of Lucio. Other players have also talked about the “range change scare”, which clearly affects Lucio’s play style. “As someone who mainly plays Lucio in comp. and who plays him a lot in quick play, it’s really unfortunate to see Lucio’s range being nerfed so hard,” says wit3wakaflak and quite a few commenters agreed with his point of view. KillswitchNZ replied, “I’d rather be helping at a range with covering fire than in there, deathmatching while the point remains unmoving.” This is referring to the fact that Lucios often stay around the payload to make sure it keeps moving, but Tectonic’s suggestion seems logical, “Don’t play him the same as before. play him like an ambulance. you’re mobile, so you run from teammate to teammate…”

There are plenty of similar discussions on Reddit too, where some focus on the self-healing nerf part of the PTR tweaks, along with the wall-riding speed. Regarding the wall-riding changes, Weareschizo added, “I played a few games on PTR and at first the wall ride felt a bit weird for me, but then I realized you just need to jump way earlier before a corner to go around corners in healing mode.”

“Who cares about faster wallriding if you’re on a 10m leash? These are awful changes for an aggro Lúcio…” -TheRamenWizard

Lucio is a crucial part of any team in Overwatch, and his ability to heal in an AoE manner makes him extremely useful. The nerfing of his healing range will surely have a significant effect on how he should be played, but will definitely not result in the hero losing his importance.


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