The campaign to bring balance to Overwatch and its vast roster continues, more recently with the hero Ana being in the spotlight. Ana was subject to a number of nerfs that affected impact damage and healing for her Bionic Grenade ability, reducing from 60 to 30 and 100 to 50 respectively.

Since then, principal designer Geoff Goodman has revealed that they will in fact be reverting the nerfs back to their live values, which in such a short space of time will have left players confused. Goodman stated:

The damage reduction on her weapon is significant, but if this ends up not being enough we can re-visit some further tuning. We don’t want to swing her balance too wildly within a single patch.

Having talked it over with other team members following testing and feedback, these initial changes have been reverted, leading to a discussion on the official Overwatch forums, detailing thoughts on the U-turn taken on Ana. Battle.net user Trigglypuff praised Blizzard for making changes based on PTR feedback, but alluded her grenade ability is still an issue:

The grenade was always her problem so it’s sad to see Blizzard go back on nerfing it yet nerf her skill based dps that actually made her a sniper not a brawler. Ana is a sniper, she should have respectable skill based dps from afar and little utility at close range, so I don’t like the way blizz is taking her character.

Whilst many replies focused on the grenade itself, some users feel that previous changes were enough already, with Tailand posting:

Reverting the healing was good enough. Don’t see why she needed damage reverted too.

Meanwhile, user Rionir replied:

I was really hoping for the grenade nerf to go through so it would stop being an I-WIN button against flankers.

There’s clearly differing opinions on what is right for Ana, as Blizzard continue to attempt to bring balance to the Overwatch heroes. Should the changes have been reverted? Let us know in the comments below.


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