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Overwatch Community Would Like Art Contest For Skins

For games like Overwatch, where there are a lot of characters and the potential for a lot of updates to them, some of the coolest things to get are “skins”. Skins are visual changes that make the character look like something or someone else. Over the past year, Blizzard has had a lot of skins released for players to get. But, now fans want to help the process.

Reddit user Raven2324 has an idea that would not only be fun, but allow the community to help create something cool for Overwatch:

“There are so many talented artists in this community and i think it would be awesome to see there awesome creations get in game as skins. “

This is actually a very brilliant idea, as the Overwatch community is filled with artists who do amazing renditions of the characters, we’ve even showcased a few of them here on MMOExaminer at times. This would be a great way to show off their talent, as well as make something interesting in regards to a skin.


Other games have even done this before, and it’s gotten great responses from the community for allowing it to happen. Now yes, there would obviously need to be some restrictions and guidelines (because we know how some people are…) but, it would be a fun contest.

Also though, this would help out Blizzard, who are a bit uneven when it comes to creating skins for their Overwatch characters. Many fans believe that certain characters should get good skins, yet they haven’t gotten them yet. So, the fans could help fix things in a big and fun way.

Would you like this contest to happen? Let us know in the comments below!

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