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How The Overwatch Community Became So Toxic

There is many toxic gaming communities across the entire industry, some more famous than others. The likes of League of Legends for example is renowned for having quite the toxic community, and Rocket League is another title that is slowly creeping it’s way up in levels of toxicity. One game that does stand out particularly since it’s release is the Blizzard shooter Overwatch.

This isn’t something that has occurred in a short space of time either. Many will argue that down to the introduction to the recent event, or the fact that it is the summer or whatever that there is more people playing the game, therefore more likely to have more toxic players plaguing the game. But it feels more like a gradual progression over time rather than anything instant.

It could be put down to a number of reasons. There’s the common complaint of players purposely throwing games for their own benefit, or simply for trolling purposes. The fact there are golden guns available to competitive players exclusively means that you get a lot of casual players playing competitively, which potentially has players in that particular realm of the game that don’t necessarily want to be there for to compete.

What appears to be a primary issue however is how the competitive ranking system works. Players can end up with a lower ranking by playing better for the team, as opposed to those who choose the same hero over and over. Since Overwatch looks at individual performances based on how well you play as a certain hero, it can mean those who don’t switch things up to help the team.

So it is pretty easy to see why the community would become toxic over time considering these variables. Perhaps if Blizzard didn’t make competitive exclusive rewards and tweaked the ranking system, we would see far less complaints.

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  1. Crazy how you didn’t mention the state of disrepair quick play is currently in.

    Michael Devenish on August 20 | Reply