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Overwatch Changes In Latest Update

overwatch-gets-new-sniper-character-named-ana-one-hero-limit-system-to-be-implemented-soonFinally, the healing sniper, Ana is live in Overwatch. She was available on PTR, but today we can play here “for real”. Even though this update is all about her, we won’t spend too much time discussing it.

Today we want to turn our heads towards game changes that many players were struggling with. The first and most important is Competitive Play. There was a ton of issues, from matchmaking to point rewards.


Even though Blizzard knew about this, and talked openly about these problems, we can’t say they were too fast about solving them. But, it is what it is. Finally, these issues were solved and one major thing came as the result. In this update, we have a new rule in Competitive┬áPlay. Simply call it, Hero Limit. That’s right, as of today we won’t see double,triple or even quadruple hero comps that ruined the game. All that is strictly bound to Competitive Play, and for now, Quick Play won’t limit anyone.

Next major changes go to Zenyatta and D.Va. Zenyatta will be more durable with 150 points in shield and D.Va will have her Defence Matrix somewhat similar to Reinhardt’s shield.


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