Overwatch Animated Short: “Dragons”

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“Seeking power, I killed my brother. But without him, I am lost.”

Blizzard continues to lay a very solid foundation for its new multiplayer shooter with plenty of fictional content and material that make up the story and its various characters. This is a great way to showcase the game’s true highlight, which is the playable action and each character’s complimentary abilities that keep the progression flowing.

Here we have the dragons, Hanzo and Genji, two brothers caught in a tragic struggle for power and leadership. This particular short is rather mystical, with themes surrounding regret, honor, murder, sacrifice, duty and this shot:

arrow slice

It begins with a common folk tale, building up to the climax of two dragons entering battle once again after so many years. The Overwatch had a hand in this, indirectly making this battle possible- quite to the disbelief of Hanzo as to how that happened. The great reveal may not be the biggest surprise, but it was still very cool to watch. For an action-oriented game, there have been much worse plot twists.


The animation and CGI effects are superb, the action scenes are very fun to watch, and the story of the two brothers coming together in a tense reunion makes for a good story for a great cast.

Blizzard is doing a great job so far, building up its backstory and characters, which is a crucial thing a lot of game developers today fail to do.

Make sure to watch the video and catch more info at the Overwatch official website.

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