Overwatch One Hero Teams Coming To An End

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Overwatch has been struggling with its Competitive Play for a week or so. Or to be more direct, from the first day it got released.

Yes, the toxicity was the main issue, but there was something more. Something we haven’t seen so far in other arena-like games.

The problem was in the team singularity. Players had the option to pick the same hero as their teammates and make the invincible team combos that made the opposing team lose their minds.

Just imagine 6 Torbjorn’s and their turrets. Or 6 Symmetra’s. Or 6 Junkrats. You get the point. Going up against these types of teams was waste of time and effort and eventually players got sick of it.

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But, the good news are on the way. It seems that Blizzard is well aware of this and will change that in the near future. As stated before, team Overwatch is not happy with the current state of the Competitive aspcet of the game and will do everything to make it better. One of the issues that must and will the resolved is the Hero pick limit.

Currently, the new Hero pick limit is live on PTR and will come to the main version of the game in the next patch.

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