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OSRS Proposes New Minigame: Last Man Standing

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The Old School Runescape development team has proposed the addition of a new minigame. Unfortunately, no, its not Stealing Creation, but it does seem promising. The new minigame was originally termed ‘Battle Royale’, but has been renamed to ‘Last Man Standing’ (LMS). The concept will be familiar to anyone that has played an arena survival game, such as The Culling or H1z1: King of the Kill. 25 players are¬†spawned into an enclosed area and are forced to fight to the death until only one man remains standing.

Each player will have their stats maxed out, and be completely stripped of all items. Players must scour for loot across the map to increase their chances of winning. As time passes, fog will encompass areas of the arena, forcing all players in the vicinity to evacuate. The idea is that, eventually, remaining players are required to clash for their lives. Only one map is planned thus far, but more are likely to be added later.

OSRS - LMS Concept Map

There will be two modes available: casual and competitive. Casual mode is open to all players and doesn’t cost an entry fee, but also doesn’t give rewards or influence the LMS ratings. Conversely, competitive mode is only accessible by members, requires a 100,000 gold entry fee, rewards top players, and influences the LMS ratings. After a competitive match, 1st place receives 1,500,000 gold, 2nd place receives 500,000 gold, and places 3-5 receive a ticket each, which permit one free entry into a competitive Last Man Standing game. If you’ve done your math at this point, you’ll notice that 2.5M gold is collected, but only 2M gold is rewarded to participants. Jagex intends for the minigame to also serve as a gold sink which claims 500k gold per competitive game.

Keep in mind that all details of Last Man Standing is subject to change. Drastic changes may be implemented depending on the community’s feedback. In fact, if the majority of the community does not approve of the proposition, the entire idea will be scrapped. Read the dev blog for full details on Last Man Standing. What are your thoughts on this minigame? Make sure to let us at MMOExaminer know in the comments below!


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