Most of the time, a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project is about a fresh new idea that wants to be made, and thus is in need of funds. However, there are those who have already made things in a series or franchise setup, and start a crowdfunding project to try and continue it. Or, even redo it to be even better. Such is the case of Osozaki: Late Blooming Rewrite.

For those who don’t know, the game is basically a visual novel, with First being the literal first title, and then the producers made a spinoff of sorts using the visual style and making an Alice of Wonderland title of a similar nature.

Now, as for what this project is, Late Blooming РRewrite is a romantic comedy about drama and tragedy set in Thais, a quiet little town lost in the world. However, as is the case with most games, things take an interesting turn, and an adventure of great mystery, and very likely romance, ensues. The catch here is that the game is actually a prequel to First, and features some of the more popular characters from First.

However, it also features many new elements, such as new art, new things to do such as celebrate holidays, and birthday, as well as doing final exams (because who doesn’t like doing that?) and so forth. Thus, why they preferred to call this a “rewrite” instead of a sequel or “second” game.

The game is seeking $2429 dollars on Indiegogo, and has two months to be funded. All funds raised will be put on making the title, and fulfilling any stretch goals that are achieved via the campaign.


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