Guardians of Orion

Steam is a great place to find games, and also, to find games on sale or for a special deal. To that end, two games in the Orion series are currently free-to-play. Orion: Prelude is available now until the 20th, and then Guardians of Orion is available to play for free from March 20th-March 27th. Plus, for the former, you can currently get it right now for $.49.

For those who don’t know, Orion: Prelude is an indie shooter and RPG that mixes singleplayer and multiplayer aspects into one game. In fact, there are two modes in the main game that can handle up to 10 people playing at once. The first is Conquest, where you explore the world together, and then Vital, where you team up with friends to take on special events within the world.

Then, if you’d rather do standard multiplayer modes, there’s straight up duels, team deathmatches, free-for-alls, and much more. The open world has a lot to do¬†and offers many weapons and vehicles to give you freedom on how to do it.

Guardians of Orion

Then, in Guardians of Orion, you’ll get to travel and battle in space, as well as on the ground. You’re tasked with “exploring the new solar system,” and fighting off hostile forces as you search for resources, complete missions and tasks, and just survive the new worlds you go to. Plus, you’ll be able to switch between a first-person mode, a third-person mode, or even a top-down mode depending on how you want to play. You can even play with friends in cooperative or multiplayer modes.

Again, Orion: Prelude is free-to-play until March 20th, then Guardians of Orion will start its free-to-play session. Don’t miss out on this two-game deal.


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