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Oriental Empires Launches On Steam

Are you ready to build your empire? Are you ready to claim the kingdom from others and prove you are the only one worthy of ruling a land that will stand for millennia? If so, then you should head to Steam and get the 4X game Oriental Empires, where you’ll get the chance to reshape the world as you build the greatest empire from the ground up, and choose who are your allies, who are your enemies, and who’s getting in your way.

What makes Oriental Empires so special is many things, not the least of which is that the game has been guided by over a year on Steam Early Access, and thus has had the benefit of feedback from players who have helped mold the game into the finished product you see here.

Also though, the game has you going through 3000 years of history, and has you starting out as a simple tribe in China or Mongolia. From there, you’ll begin to make your empire, until you are the sole ruler of all you see around you, and everyone knows it.

Another interesting aspect of this is that the map of Oriental Empires is based on China itself, but if you want something a little more random, you can do just that. You can play on random maps to ensure that you never know what’s coming.

After you pick your map, your journey begins. Start as a small tribe or colony, then expand! Learn new technologies, become masters of peace, or of war, or both! The choice is yours. The opposition will come from all around you. And you may find an ally or two in the process. Be thoughtful, think of your empire, then make the moves you need to so that you will be the emperor before it’s all over.

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