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Operate Starships In Star Trek: Bridge Crew

For all of us, that watched any Star Trek show as a kid we all wanted to be a Starfleet Officer.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew might just be the closest thing. Virtual Reality games are becoming quite the trend, so it’s quite weird that no one made a Star Trek VR game yet. Ubisoft saw the opportunity, and they took it without hesitation!.



Bridge Crew will offer you four positions on the bridge , so you can choose what you like. Captain, Helm, Tactical, and Engineering are available, so pick whatever suits you the most! The game will give the opportunity for you and your friends to work as a group, and achieve your fantasy to operate a Federation Starship and sail the universe.


Creative director at Red Storm Entertainment, David Votypka, said that they were working on a social multiplayer game before Bridge Crew.  They were trying to add more depth social interaction available in games and also increase the amount of social interactions between players. Doing all this in a Virtual Reality game sounds even more amazing!

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will rely on players working together, all positions are important, as is the communication between the people in the position.

A full interview with David Votypka is available for reading here!

Written by Dante

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