dawn of war

The classic Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series is back with their third installation. The gory action and strategic thinking required of players blend together perfectly, making most people fall in love with the game in an instant. The game was developed by Relic Entertainment and published by SEGA. Dawn of War III is currently in its Open Beta state and is available for pre-purchase on Steam.

Dawn of War III makes you join a brutal battle between 3 different factions. Once a catastrophic weapon is found in the world of Acheron, you have to face some powerful enemies. There are three armies at war in this game, under the control of Ork warlord Gorgutz, Eldar seer Macha, and Space Marine commander Gabriel Angelos. The armies are fighting all over the surface of the world, each vying for supremacy at any cost.

Each and every army in Dawn of War has something they call “The Giants.” These are huge war machines that can turn the fight around completely. The Giants have their own names, such as the Imperial Knight (Space Marine), the clattering Gorkanaut (Ork), or the haunting Wraithknight (Eldar). Each army also has “Elites” which are powerful deployable squads. All of these have their own abilities and bonuses that may come in handy in order to destroy your foes. One more thing the armies have in common are the destructive abilities that are very similar to the Giants because they can turn the tide of the battle very easily. These destructive abilities can cause some serious problems to your enemies while also leaving a lot of dead bodies on the ground.

The game also features an Online Mode, as well as a three-faction campaign. In this campaign, players learn the intentions of each army through the missions that can be completed throughout the game. You also get to see all the combat advantages for every side. If you want to see more info about Dawn of War III, be sure to head over to Steam.


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