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One Night In Karazhan: First Wing

The Prologue Mission and First Wing of the new Hearthstone adventure, One Night In Karazhan has launched. This adventure is themed around a funky disco party, hosted by the wise guardian Medivh.

While fans of the lore may find this more comical approach to be a turn-off, I found it to be riveting and clever. Blizzard once again found a way to keep things light and funny, while still maintaining gratuitous references for fans of the Warcraft series.

Firelands PortalNow to discuss the actual battles. Two out of the four battles made available to you offer you the opportunity to play with rare decks, custom made specifically for the adventure.

Specifically, I’d like to highlight the prologue mission, because it’s available to everyone. The Medivh deck you are given is just so incredibly overpowered, it’s insane. But it’s so much fun to use. You have cards that give you increased spell damage, reduced spell cost, legendary minion summoning, and much more.

The randomness makes it one of the most interesting battles in all of the Hearthstone adventures, and I will likely be replaying it many times just to see what absurd things I can get to happen. Remember, One Night In Karazhan is available in the Hearthstone shop, and one wing will become available every single week. Better save gold if you’re a free-to-play kind of person.

Winning will get you the epic, Firelands Portal card, which is a 7-cost mage card, deal 5 damage and summon a 5-cost minion. Pretty awesome stuff. Give it a try and get yourself some free cards!

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