Old School Runescape – Skotizo Unleashed

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The Catacombs of Kourend were opened in Old School Runescape last week. If you missed that update, we have you covered with an article explaining the most important points. As promised, this week we will cover the newest boss to Old School Runescape: Skotizo, The Archaic Demon.

Old School Runescape - Skotizo

Skotizo can be found in the darkest and deepest cavern of the Catacombs of Kourend. Players must use a dark totem on the dark alter at the center of the catacombs to gain access to Skotizo’s domain. After performing the necessary action, players will instantly be teleported to Skotizo’s lair.

Old School Runescape - Teleport to Skotizo

Be wary! Skotizo’s lair is an instanced area, meaning that items CANNOT be retrieved after death. Also, any items left within the area will disappear on exit. Be sure to prepare properly, and don’t bring items you cannot afford to lose. Players in desperate situations can use portals in each corner of the boss arena as 1-click teleports to safety.

Skotizo will drop a Clue scroll (hard), provided its slayer doesn’t already possess one, and an ancient shard, guarentee’d. His full drop table is provided below for your convenience (as listed on the Old School Runescape wikia page):

• Death rune x500
• Soul rune x450
• Blood rune x450

• Rune platebody x3 (noted)
• Rune kiteshield x3 (noted)
• Rune platelegs x3 (noted)
• Rune plateskirt x3 (noted)

• Ranarr weed x40 (noted)
• Snapdragon x20 (noted)
• Torstol x20 (noted)

• Watermelon x400 (noted)
• Battlestaff x25 (noted)
• Onyx bolt tips x40
• Adamantite ore x75 (noted)
• Runite bar x20 (noted)
• Raw anglerfish x60 (noted)

• Dark totem base
• Dark totem middle
• Mahogany plank x150 (noted)
• Dark totem
• Clue scroll (elite)

Read the official news post about Skotizo by Jagex for more information.

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