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Old School Runescape Releases Its First Skilling Boss, the Wintertodt

Brace yourselves, the Wintertodt, Old School Runescape’s first skilling boss, has been released. The Wintertodt is an ancient, unknown entity that has the ability to call forth snowstorms and drastically lower temperatures.


The Order of the Sacred Flame, a group of pyromancers from the Arceuus House, imprisoned the Wintertodt behind the Doors of Dinh to prevent its influence from spreading throughout Great Kourend.


After a thousand years, the Doors of Dinh’s strength is dwindling, and no longer sufficient to hold the Wintertodt. Players must travel to the northern reaches of Great Kourend to aid the Order in their efforts to weaken the Wintertodt. A direct teleport can be found on the games necklace, and used as long as the player has previously set foot onto Great Kourend.

The only requirement to participate in the fight against the Wintertodt is 50 Firemaking, but Construction, Fletching, Herblore, and Woodcutting will also be used.

To defeat the Wintertodt, players must 1) chop bruma roots and 2) burn them at any of the four braziers. Bruma roots are unique because they’re able to resist the Wintertodt’s chill, making them the perfect material to ignite the braziers with. They can be turned into bruma kindling by using a knife on them.


The braziers are mediums used by the Order to channel flames towards the Wintertodt and weaken its energy. The Wintertodt will extinguish the flames of the braziers throughout the fight, requiring players to relight them using a tinderbox. The braziers will also be broken by the Wintertodt, and must be repaired using a hammer. Players around a brazier when it’s broken will be damaged.


The pyromancers can be incapacitated by the Wintertodt, and must be healed using rejuvination potions. Rejuvination potions are created by picking bruma herbs and combining them with rejuvination potion (unf)’s, both of which are found within the Wintertodt’s prison.


Players within the prison will take passive damage (based on their Firemaking and Hitpoints level) from the Wintertodt’s chill. The Wintertodt will also cause snow piles to fall in 3×3 areas, inflicting large amounts of damage, unless avoided. Equipping warming-themed armour, such as the clue hunter outfit, santa outfit, and yak-hide armour, will reduce the damage taken from the Wintertodt.

Performing any action that contributes towards defeating the Wintertodt will be awarded with points. Obtaining a minimum of 500 points is required to earn supply crates.

Supply crates contain a variety of rewards, ranging from materials such as seeds and ores, to completely new items. The exclusive items obtainable from supply crates include the Tome of Fire, the Pyromancer set, and the Phoenix pet. A complete list of possible rewards from supply crates, along with their uses, can be found on the Wintertodt’s Old School Runescape wikia page.

The Wintertodt is here, and only one question remains: are you ready?

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