Now’s The Best Time To Try The Crew

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by Dante

Ubisoft’s open-world street racing RPG simply named “The Crew” never got much recognition by the players. It wasn’t even that bad of a game, as it was quite a solid street racer. But, the game does require a constant internet connection, and that is something that players absolutely despise.


The game is set in the US, and it features a massive open world for you to race through, but don’t expect many different environments, as the map is mostly one big vacant forest area that can be difficult to drive through. The customization is fairly detailed, and the graphics engine really shows off the beauty of your rides, even though you don’t need a strong rig to run the game.


The game’s story isn’t too long, but there enough content in the game to keep you entertained for quite a lot of hours, and you can always bring some friends and have a friendly race!


If you haven’t played it before, you can grab the PC version of the game for free via the Ubisoft Club, and you have until October 14 to grab it. Since the game is free of charge for this short amount of time, it’s probably the best time to pick it up with a couple of friends and see who’s the best driver!

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