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Now is Probably the Best Time to Sell WoW Tokens

Blizzard’s WoW Token is a way for players to basically buy gold legally, and also for others to buy a monthly subscription and other Blizzard products using their in-game fortune.

Blizzcon - WoW Token
It seems Blizzcon’s nearing has greatly affected WoW token prices, and players are reporting all-time records reaching above 300,000 gold. But this is only true for western regions, as players have noted that China already had WoW tokens being sold for over 400,000. Some players are not happy with this system, as they claim it is a way for rich players to obtain advantages, but in reality, players who wanted to spend more on World of Warcraft, could find alternative ways earlier anyway.

“This is new grand level of greed, and yet people support it. Hope you will all suffer as i have someday.” – Sapherea

Many players are upset about having to farm more, to be able to purchase the rather pricey WoW token, but this is no surprise, as who wouldn’t want to complain about having to work more. The main reason behind this massive price increase is most likely to be the fact that a huge amount of players want to purchase the Blizzcon mounts. This is good news for those wanting to purchase some gold legally right now, but terrible news for those, who wanted to grab the new mounts using the tokens.

If you want to get the most gold out of your WoW tokens, it’s probably a good idea to wait even more, as their prices will probably reach new heights in the upcoming days.

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