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Nostalrius-Progressive-Vanilla-1-960x432Nostalrius revealed on their official forum site a nine page long, elaborate survey analysis that was focused on players locations and their online activities in a period of 24 hours. The survey was made to paint the picture for everyone who ever doubted the vast activity of Nostalrius as a server.

Furthermore, the survey was made to distinguish how many players wanted to experience the original World of Warcraft. And from 220,000 active accounts, 50,000 players completed the survey. Additionally, there had to be some processing and after that, the precise number was 30,000 players.

The report that went live was made based on that 30,000 players and their responses to survey.


As it seems, the great number of players originated from China, but due to Great Firewall they had to connect via VPN in order to play the game. The constant of players in the game was around 6,000 players, switching between a majority of Asian, European and US players.

The report shows that all these players played the original game to some point in time, but as the game progressed to other expansions, they lost interest and completely switched to Nostalrius. A big majority of players was from 20 to 25 years old and most of them played the game for several years.

Moreover, the account activity on the server was outstanding and had great number until the end. For example, accounts that were made in March and April 2015, 30% of them were active in 2016. This 30% is addition to prior number of players that already played the game on Nostalrius.

If you want to see complete file check it out here and if you want to be part of the discussion that is currently going on the official forum you can by visiting Nostalrius site.

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