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NosTale Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary With Event


It’s always a great occasion in the video game world when a game reaches an anniversary of some magnitude, so imagine how happy the team behind NosTale must feel now that their MMORPG title is celebrating 10 years. Well, they’re feeling pretty good actually, and they want to celebrate with gamers who have helped make their title a success for so long. So to that end, they’re going to be doing a very special event that’ll reward you if you get everything required.

To be clear, NosTale launched in Europe ten years ago, and that’s what the team is celebrating:

“Ten years ago, NosTale opens its digital doors in Europe, giving countless brave adventurers the chance to battle their way through the exciting world of NosTale!”

So, here’s what’s going on. You’ll enter NosTale like you usually would. Then you can go around and start beating up monsters. Sounds simple, right?


Well, when you do beat those monsters, you’ll occasionally get letters that spell out “Nos 10 Year.” If you get these letters, any of them, you can trade them in for rewards. You can get a medal with some “beneficial effects.” You can get Specialist points. You could get a buff for your HP and MP, though it will only be temporary. Or, if you’re really desperate, you can use the letters as recovery items.

Interestingly enough, the team didn’t note how long this special event would be going on, but something tells us that once you stop getting letters for a good amount of time, that means it’s over.

Most importantly though, the team behind NosTale are grateful to all who have played their title. The veterans who keep the game relevant, and the new players who want to try it out, both are important to the team. And they hope that there are more fun years to come.

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