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Norway Has a New Leader in Civilization VI

Joining Sid Meier’s Civilization series for the first time, the last great Viking King Harald Hardrada will lead Norway in Civilization VI.

Harald brings exciting abilities to the game with “The Thunderbolt of the North”, as well as all his naval melee units performing coastal raids, using his Viking Longship which will also be able to heal in neutral territories. Norway’s unique unit has also been detailed, with the Berserker able to pillage using less movements and also receiving an attack bonus, though it is more vulnerable when defending. According to the official page, “Norse Berserkers were intimidating warriors who fought with ravenous ferocity as they plundered enemy lands and struck down enemies without hesitation. Berserkers were driven by uncontrollable rage as they allegedly performed superhuman feats in battle, despite being mostly clad in animal skins rather than armor.”

The unique building is the large wooden Stave Church. These elaborate churches were large stone cathedrals, named after their timber corner posts. Thousands of these churches once stood throughout areas of north-western Europe and have since been replicated worldwide.

Civilization VI will release on October 21st. Until then, be sure to check out the video below showcasing a first look at Norway.


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