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No Man’s Sky Pre-Order Ship Is Breaking The Game

Pre-orders can be great when you are getting many bonus items, mounts, and other similar things. Not in this case.

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In the beginning of No Man’s Sky, your character has to go through a basic tutorial explaining how to travel through the cosmos. After following your traveling tips, you will get the blueprint for a hyperdrive, which lets your ship warp from region to region. You will also get the blueprint for the antimatter, that you can use for uniting warp cells that you use for charging up your hyperdrive.

The whole fuss about this pre-order problem is about the ship that you get – Alpha Vector. Alpha Vector has its own hyperdrive installed. That means you can warp around the galaxies without completing the basic tutorial. Without the opening sequence, you can’t earn the hyperdrive nor the antimatter blueprints, thus making it impossible for some players to continue the game.

Many players have complained about this on popular forums such as Reddit. Players have tried fixing this by buying another ship. Turns out that doesn’t work either. Surely the developers at Hello Games will fix this problem soon.

If you want to see more information about this problem, visit this post.

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