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No Cross-Play Planned For Dragon Ball FighterZ

Since its reveal at E3 2017, Dragon Ball FighterZ has been on the tips of the tongues of both DBZ fans and fighting game fans. From the look, to how it plays, and everything in between, this seems like it’s going to be the ultimate Dragon Ball fighting game. However, there are a lot of questions going around about it, like what will be included, what won’t be included, what are all the mechanics, and more.

So first up, will the game have cross-play ability? Well, in an interview with ShonenGames at EVO 2017, two of the developers, Tomoko Hiroki and Junya Motomura, took the time to answer this question. In short? No.

“We do plan to bring the game to those consoles and Xbox One, but we aren’t planning on any cross play.”

For those wondering about whether the Switch will get a port of Dragon Ball FighterZ? Well, they’re not focused on it right now. Instead, they’ll be doing final work on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which will release in September. After that? Who can say?

One thing the Dragon Ball universe is known for is having multiple “versions” of characters. For example, the different levels of Super Saiyan, or the in some cases the age of characters like Gohan, who have literally grown through the series since its inception. And many Dragon Ball games have had these different versions in the rosters. So, would that happen here?

The two were coy in their responses, but they did note that they choose, “which characters make it in depending on what they can add to the game in a unique way, so look forward to that.”

So that seems to indicate that the roster may be smaller than past titles (which have been massive at times) and will be focused to truly make this game stand out. Oh, and the way to pronounce the game? Is “Dragon Ball Fighters”. So clever.

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