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Nintendo Switch Owner States Console Makes Him Want To Play Indie Games

The Nintendo Switch truly is a unique console. First off, it’s a console that you can take anywhere. It doesn’t need to be docked to be played (though you have that option too), it doesn’t need to be in range of a certain other device to run, and the Joy-Con’s allow for 2-player action. And in terms of software, developers seem very interested in the Nintendo Switch. This includes the indie game market, which has gotten the attention of players.

Reddit User didsburydan posted on the site and noted that though he’s been a gamer for a while, he’s never really had an interest in indie games. But, then he got a Switch, and now he’s interested:

“I really wanna play Snakepass, Wonderboy, Tumbleseed, Stardew Valley etc, and they’re all games I would have never considered playing before I got my hands on a switch.”

Nintendo Switch Indie Games


Many other Reddit users weighed in on this as well. Some stated that they knew what he meant, and said that the Nintendo Switch truly is the perfect console for indie games, especially with its mobility. Others, like user WerTily, took a more blunt approach to their response:

“I know why, because there is no other games available!”

Regardless of the reason, a lot players are playing indie games on Switch. That’s a good thing, because Nintendo has proven with the new console that indie games are a focus. They even held a special Nintendo Direct before the launch of the Switch to show off the indie games and partnerships they have. Quite a few were named, and many that were multi-platform had timed exclusive content on the Switch.

So if you’re looking for something new to play on your Nintendo Switch, go check out the Nintendo eShop and see what indie games are there. You might be surprised at what you find.

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