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Should The Nintendo Switch Get Apps And Browser?

Since its release, the Nintendo Switch has been on fire. It’s been selling really well, and even topped the charts for the second month in a row hardware wise in the month of April. As for its software, it also dominates, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe the number one game in April despite being only released on April 28th. So you could say that everything the Switch has is doing well. But, that doesn’t mean people aren’t wanting more from it in things other than games.

This comes from a Reddit thread where user SnivyBlue2 asks about whether the Nintendo Switch will get any dedicated apps or an internet browser. The poster states that it would truly add to the experience that after we play our video games, we can hop on the internet or an app and watch a video or two:

“Switching from the Switch to my phone isn’t bad it’s just I prefer the Switch screen over my phone screen when watching anything.”

SnivyBlue2 does acknowledge that it would take time for Nintendo to implement this, but they still want it. This is a curious thing, because this is what happened with the Wii U. Nintendo made sure that their former console had a lot of big apps to do things on, including having an internet browser and streaming services like Netflix. They even had their own dedicated TV app for a time.

Nintendo Switch

The focus on the Switch to be solely a gaming console is clearly an ambition for Nintendo, whether it be because they feel it’s what they’re good at, or they don’t want to try and compete with the “all-in-one” consoles that the Xbox One and PS4 are. And other Reddit users share this notion:

“I don’t think it’s needed. I like my Switch being video games only,” said Zardos66.

What do you think? Should the Nintendo Switch try and be more than just a gaming machine? Let us know in the comments below!

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