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Nintendo Players Recall Buying 3DS At Launch

It’s hard to believe, but the Nintendo 3DS is actually over 6 years old. The successor to the most successful Nintendo handheld of all times had a lot of pressure on it, and it tried to change the game by offering a new mechanic of gameplay via 3D visuals without the need for special glasses. Yet despite the Nintendo 3DS being a hit now, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, at first the handheld wasn’t doing that well.

Recalling its rocky start, Reddit User PidgeonsOnYourRoof noted to others that he thought the 3DS would actually be a huge failure, and thus didn’t get the system until Pokemon X&Y came out much later in the systems life. He also admits the mistake that this was, as he got to enjoy it much later than he might’ve done before. So, knowing this, he asked:

“Were you reluctant to give the 3DS a try and what changed your mind?”

The answers were very varied. One Redditor was much like him, and thought that the 3DS would fail, and he too only got the system once it released Pokemon X&Y. Others though were a lot more confident in what Nintendo made. Several said that they bought it day one (or close to it) with no hesitation.

One of the biggest things that led to the buying of the 3DS early on was the fact that the system could play DS games. That meant that even though the new system didn’t have a lot of original titles at first, it could play the entire DS backlog while players waited.

Either way though, it’s hard to deny what the system has done. And Nintendo has even improved upon it as time when on, including getting ready to release the Nintendo 2DS XL. So whether you were hesitant or not at launch, you’re probably enjoying your purchase now.

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