Nintendo NX Reportedly Delayed For VR

Mustapha R. Price
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In breaking news, there have been reports coming out from a source very close to Foxconn Electronics, who will be responsible for assembling the console. With this report, some very interesting pieces of information have surfaced as well. Nintendo’s initial intent was to launch their new console, codenamed Nintendo NX in late 2016, but as of about two months ago we found out that the console was being delayed until Q1 2017.

Zelda Wii UWith this information, we also learned that the Legend of Zelda Wii U is launching next year alongside the NX as well. Most importantly, Nintendo has revealed intentions to implement VR into the Nintendo NX. This has not only been cited as the cause of the delay, but also a major shift in direction for the company.

The report has also revealed that the NX will indeed offer some integration of handheld and home console play. How this is to be done has yet to be fully revealed, but time will tell.

Nintendo’s order volume has also taken a significant decline, meaning what we could be seeing here is a console with much more production value and more taxing hardware than their previous systems.

There’s little doubt that Nintendo will start to unveil more details about their new console in the coming months, and perhaps we can even expect some of the games slated for launch next year to hit the spotlight.

Source: DigiTimes

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