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Should The Nintendo Switch eShop Have Gameplay Videos For All Titles?

The Nintendo Switch is still a very young console. It’s only been out since March, and thus, there are some things that it doesn’t have. Obviously, since it’s only been a little more than 4 months since the release of the system, there isn’t an utterly massive lineup of games to get for it. That is, unless you count the ones on the Nintendo eShop. The eShop is where you get the digital downloads/titles for the Switch, or even the 3DS. Yet the Switch version has been getting some flak recently from fans.

On Reddit, user styckx notes that though the Nintendo Switch’s eShop does have some robust titles, especially in terms of indie games, it’s hard to judge what they are most of the time. Why? Because there are rarely gameplay videos for the titles. And to judge only on screenshots is a waste of time for him:

” Anymore, if a game doesn’t have a gameplay footage video I skip it. Having to go back and forth searching Youtube for gameplay videos to decide if some $9.99 indie game is worth a shot or not is work I feel unnecessary.”

He goes onto note that the point of the store is to sell the user (like him) on games that should be bought on the system. How are they doing that if they’re requiring him to look up more information that they themselves should provide?

Now, obviously, not all the games on the eShop don’t have videos, but according to the Redditors, a vast majority do. And a lot of them agree with styckx in that it would be a lot better if the eShop had videos to compliment/show off the titles that are in them. After all, there’s nothing worse than buying a guy you thought you knew about, and then it turned out to be something different.

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