What Have Been Nintendo’s Most “Baffling” Decisions?

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by GlyphMasterson

Nintendo has been around for quite some time. In fact, they’ve been in the video game industry for decades. Over the generations, and across the world, Nintendo has wowed with its large 1st party video game roster and its consoles and handhelds. But with great age comes great experience, and for every good decision, Nintendo has made some bad ones too.

Their latest one in the eyes of many came with the discontinuity of the NES Classic, despite the fact that numerous people still want one and continue to look for it. But Nintendo, for some reason, has decided to stop making them. Some sources even state that they meant the device to be a limited edition item and that they’re sticking to that.

Because of that, there is a good deal of outrage from the fanbase. Nintendo fans argue over other questionable and baffling decisions the Big N has made, from the obvious to the not-so-obvious ones.

Nintendo Wii U

For example, many fans are baffled by the lack of Metroid games (not Federation Force), which is a shocking thing on its own. Fans want a true Metroid game such as the Prime series, but because of the reception of both Metroid: Other M and Federation Force, Nintendo seems to fear making another title in the beloved franchise.

Another unpopular choice is the use of the Friend Code system on recent Nintendo systems for online play. Indeed, this was a very hated choice, and people are still waiting to see how the Switch will go differently if it does go differently at all.

The Wii U debacle was cited by many, and outside of the NES Classic, many argue it is the Big N’s biggest mistake in recent memory.

Oh, and yes, the Virtual Boy was mentioned too. But that goes without saying.

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