NieR: Automata

The critically acclaimed NieR: Automata, the unexpected sequel that won everyone’s hearts, has been cracked by pirate groups.

After long discussions about Denuvo (the anti-temper measure used by many developers and publishers) and how it affects consumers, pirates have managed to render it useless in NieR: Automata. Over the weekend the critically acclaimed game has been cracked on PC, meaning people can download and play it for free. The downside to this is that they won’t receive updates right away (also have to wait for pirate groups to release them in their websites) and can’t make use of the online functionalities, which can make ending E more difficult.

NieR: Automata
Still from the DLC “3C3C1D119440927,” not yet cracked.

Now that the crack has been released,¬†current NieR: Automata owners go back to the Denuvo topic, with some encouraging their fellow gamers to bombard Square Enix with requests to remove the¬†software. A user known as HunterKurza on both Reddit and Steam has made posts informing other users of the crack and asking them to approach Square Enix on social media regarding the removal of Denuvo. “[…] It is now our job as legitimate buyers to pressure [Square Enix] to remove Denuvo as it no longer serves any purpose but to hinder legitimate buyers.” They say.

Responses aren’t too hopeful. Players have been struggling with a number of issues related to the game since its release. PlatinumGames has not patched such problems ever since, and many believe it never will. As pointed out by Steam user Insanity Wolf-Chan, “They refuse to remove white-screen as an update, so why on earth do you think they’re ever going to remove their comfort-blanket DRM?” Despite NieR: Automata‘s success (with mostly positive reviews out of more than 8,000 as of the time this report is published), users such as Ham the Terrible believe the presence of Denuvo and the existence of the crack might turn people away from a legitimate purchase. “The publishers punish the paying consumers while actually doing absolutely nothing to keep people who weren’t going to buy it in the first place from pirating. Why should I pay to be [pooped] on?” They say.

Anti-Denuvo threads can be spotted in almost every big release on Steam. They tend to quiet down shortly before and after a game’s release, but none has been as impactful as the discussions revolving around NieR: Automata. While a considerable amount of users believe that Denuvo is harmful for a number of reasons, others defend its use with teeth and nails. Both sides often accuse the other of misinformation.

NieR: Automata is an action RPG developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix, it is available now for Windows PC through Steam and PlayStation 4.


  1. Game has been cracked within a month of release.
    PC version is near unplayable due to frame rate issues.
    Mod is necessary to play, and actually enjoy the game for what it is.
    (Modder has weeded out pirates in this endeavor.)

    So by all means if you wish to pirate this masterpiece you are playing a faulty game,
    just buy it and support the potential in future titles.

    • (Modder has weeded out pirates in this endeavor.)

      Sadly that is not true , people can use a previous version of the mod which works perfectly , or they can just change one text line in the current version of the mod and make it also work. Even if you know nothing about modding you can watch a step by step youtube video and do it.

      Pirates will always exist , no matter what.

      I myself pirate games but always buy the game afterwards if i like it. I didn’t see witcher 3 or any previous game doing badly considering they were drm free.

  2. ^ And now modder has ceased maintaining said mod because a plethora of pirates went and attacked him because they couldn’t use his mod due to anti-piracy code in it.

    He was insulted and berated to no end, and was banned by a global Steam forum mod for defending himself.

    The people insulting him and admitting piracy had no action taken against them.

    First we had Durante, then we had Kaldaien, now we have nobody.

    All thanks to selfish pirates who couldn’t care less.

  3. They dick hundreds of potential fans/customers and expect us to feel bad that someone bypassed their sh!t DRM. SE/Platinum: You announced you were ‘aware’ of ‘issues’ with the game on Steam like two months ago.. nothing since. Therefore, I will wait to give you money for at least two months. By then, I probably will have beaten my pirated copy, so oh well. Sounds reasonable. Runs fine on my system, kids.

    • Lol.. most of that post from ‘SE/Platinum… to ….oh well’ was supposed to be in “quotation marks”. I’m just saying I can understand how people would feel. Some of them might see it as some sort of retribution o_0


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