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Could Next World Of Warcraft Expansion Be Revealed At GamesCon?

For MMORPGs, evolution and expansion are an important part of the games process. After all, players can’t be doing the same thing over and over again, as that’ll make them leave the game. And worse for developers, that means they lose money. Expansions are a big way to not only keep the old guard but lure in new players to the game, as something fresh and potentially game changing is coming. It’s for this reason that World of Warcraft has lasted so long. For better or worse, each new expansion brings in people to play. So when will we hear about the next one?

By “hear” we don’t mean a release date, we mean an announcement of what the next expansion of World of Warcraft will be. Legion seems to be winding down based on recent patches and story content reveals, so it’s very fair to assume that Blizzard will announce another soon, even if it’s another year or so out before release. For player Iggwilv, he wonders whether the upcoming GamesCon could be the announcement spot, citing the logic that:

“Gamescon August 2015 Blizzard announced Legion and then August 2016 expac was out.”

This is very true, and very in line with what could happen. Blizzard could simple name drop the next expansion then slow release details about when it will release the following year.

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However, not everyone is so sure, for as many note, the reveal of Legion was more of an act of “damage control.” Their previous expansion, The Warlords of Draenor, was a universal failure as an expansion. So they needed to reveal it there to keep fans interested in the game.

So if not at GamesCon, when will the next expansion be announced? Well, many think BlizzCon:

“So I expect the reveal for the next expansion, if that happens at all this year, to be done at Blizzcon,” notes player Kehinaan.

It would be oddly poetic that they would reveal the next expansion at their own event, it’s just hard to predict right now.

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