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Next Month’s Halo 5: Guardians Update to Include Local Server Support

Livestreams from 343 Industries are coming up with some very interesting revelations for fans of the Halo franchise. We have recently heard that there will finally be fixes for the issues that plagued the 2014 release of Halo: Master Chief Collection, which was something that had such high promise, considering it even included a remaster of Halo 2, which is regarding among many fans as the best entry in the series.

However, following a number of matchmaking and glitch issues, Halo: MCC began to stutter and was never fully fixed since. What was just as surprising, was the revelation earlier this year that the collection wouldn’t be getting 4K support once the Xbox One X launches. There has been a turnaround now however, with both patches and new resolution support coming to the compilation next year.

It has also been announced now that Halo 5: Guardians will be getting local server support in the fall update coming to the game, meaning that you can run a server on your PC to be connected to through your Xbox One. There is still to be a press announcement regarding this, but according to NeoGAF user dancrane212, a connection to the internet will be required for authorization purposes, though the game will then run via the local server, and will not rely on a connection to Xbox Live.

The stream also revealed that LAN support would still be present for future games, so it is a relief to see that Halo 5 will still be getting this treatment as well.

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