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Next ARMS Update Coming July 12th

Since its reveal at the Nintendo Switch event, people have been talking a lot about Nintendo’s new IP, ARMS. This wacky yet strategic boxing title made some people confused at first, but it’s no doubt a hit game based on the resounding success of the ARMS tournament at E3 and the strong sales of the game since it launched in June. The game has been compared to Splatoon in how quickly it rose in hype and popularity, but also, in how additional content would be handled.

This means that updates and additional content would be free, just like it was for Splatoon. Also like Splatoon, there would be major updates at times. In the case of ARMS, that would mean new stages, potential new modes, and new characters to play as. Perfectly Nintendo has found out that the next big update that includes playable character Max Brass will release worldwide on July 11th/12th.

Max Brass is the commissioner of the ARMS League, and is one of the boss characters you fight in the Grand Prix mode. He is the winningest champion of all time in the games world, and because of that, his arms are made of championship belts. Furthermore, his abilities allow him to buff up his body (and grow in size as a result) in order to not recoil from taking hits. What’s more, if he gets low enough in health, his glove powers will remain permanently charged.

Along with Max Brass will come his stage that we also see in the Grand Prix, making this a true 2-for-1 combo. The question now is, what will the next character for the game be? Or what other things do the team behind ARMS have to give us?

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