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Nexon America Discontinuing The Service of Dragon Nest in North America

Today is a sad day, especially if you’re a Dragon Nest fan, as Nexon America is discontinuing the game’s service in North America. The game will be going over to a new publisher, Eyedentity Games, in September.


Down below we will list the game’s planned timeline before the transfer:

  • Thursday, July 14 – From this date through September 26, you can accept an in-game agreement to transfer your account information to Eyedentity Games.
  • Thursday, July 14 – Loffy’s Dicey Dungeon event begins.
  • Wednesday, August 31 – Dragon Vault Farewell Sale begins.
  • Wednesday, September 14 – Dragon Vault Farewell Sale ends.
  • Monday, September 26 – Last day you can accept an in-game agreement to transfer your account information to Eyedentity Games.
  • Tuesday, September 27 – Dragon Vault closes.
  • Tuesday, September 27 – Shut down Dragon Nest service at Nexon America.
  • Tuesday, September 27 – The Dragon Nest official website will be redirected to Eyedentity’s official site.


As you can guess, the reason for this is the community, or the lack of one to be precise. Nexon America tried their best to expand and grow the game, to keep it alive, but the Dragon Nest community just continued to dwindle. After much thinking, the best decision was to discontinue the North American service of Dragon Nest. For players that still want to play, the game will be available through Eyedentity Games.

If you have more questions about this, you can go over to the official post by Nexon America, where they explained everything.

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