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The interaction between video game developer and players is critical at times, for only through that interaction can the title truly grow. Even more accurate is the fact that gamers almost always have questions about the titles they play. They want to know why something is the way it is, what they can expect in the future, and why something was done when it wasn’t necessary or asked for. The Conan Exiles team know that their title is still young, as it’s on Steam Early Access, and they want to make sure all questions are answered.

To that end, they do weekly Q&As, and another has gone up with another slew of answers to fan questions.

For example, one player is eagerly awaiting the arrival of “city life”, where players can literally work together to create massive towns and cities. They wanted to know if the team has any further details on it. They honestly didn’t, however, they did say that they have a definitive game plan/design for what they want it to be. In the end, they want architects to truly think of their constructions as a living town and not just a “protective box of their assets”.

One player noted that getting Bone drops from  Sand Reapers, Scorpions and Spiders didn’t make sense based on what they are in the game (they don’t actually have bones), and the team admits that, and will likely swap that item drop for Chitin, which was proposed by that same player.
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Stamina continues to be on the minds of players, as they’re wondering what will cause the stamina to lower and recover. Apparently, like Breath of the Wild, you’ll only consume stamina when moving, and when you run out, you fall. There will, however, be gear that you can use to lower how much stamina you consume.

The in-game chat was also asked about, the Conan Exiles team says there are plans for it, but they want to improve other chat capabilities before then.

Be sure to read the full Q&A to hear more questions and answer for Conan Exiles, and don’t be afraid to submit your own questions to the team!

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