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New Week Brings New Answers To Conan Exiles Questions

The team behind Conan Exiles is really going the extra mile to answer questions fans have about the game. Every week they release a new string of answers to fan questions, showing the community how much they value their questions and queries. Here are a few of the questions that were answered this week.

First up, a fan asked about whether sandstorms will be made to hurt players eventually. Also, whether new types of weather will show up in the game. The team replied that new weather types will be coming via the new biome in the game, but they can’t say when. Furthermore, the temperature rising and falling in the game will be something players will need to look out for.

One player asked about the team themselves, wondering where they eat, and if they eat together. They happily noted that they have a cantina where most of the team do indeed eat together and talk in a capacity that isn’t work. It helps build camaraderie between them, and they love it.

Maps were asked about as well, with questions about whether custom stamps/markers will be able to use. The team stated that the next update would have that feature, so look forward to that soon.

Some players are worried about the climbing mechanic in the game, and worry that having it will cause a lot of issues, such as not being able to defend against it. But the team notes that you can indeed defend against climbers by building things to prevent them from getting to the top of whatever they’re climbing on, or even create thrall defenses that’ll shoot climbers.

There are more questions that were answered, so check the full page to see them all. And be sure to check out past Conan Exiles Q&A’s, as your question for the game might have already been answered.

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