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New Questions Answered By Conan Exiles Team

The way video game developers talk with their community is important. If they ignore them, they’ll get a bad reputation. However, if they listen to them, respond to them, the players will trust them, and potentially spread good word-of-mouth about their title. The Conan Exiles team is one of the best around in answering their fans, as they do weekly Q&A’s, and this week is no different. Here are the highlights.

One player wondered whether NPCs might be getting a bigger role in Conan Exiles. Or more specifically, if NPCs would have their own villages that are neutral with what is going on. They replied that this would be happening in the new biome that’s coming in the expansion, and that more changes will come with them soon.

Another player asked about the emotes the player character has, and whether the possibility of emotes being aware of their surroundings could happen. The team states it could, but it wouldn’t be very soon, it’s not a high priority for them at the moment.

A gameplay question was next, as a player asked if an official “clan alliance” mechanic could be worked into the game, one that would be official and that NPC characters wouldn’t attack because they know they are friends. The team revealed that it is coming, and will be a key part of the game. It will be there when the game fully launches, but for now, they’re still working on A.I. and other mechanics that would tie into it.

Finally, one player asked about whether there will be expansions to the building and decorating systems, stating that some people aren’t happy about not being able to do more with their homes. The team acknowledges this and says that there will be expansions via future updates, and that the upcoming expansion will actually add two new house types to build.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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