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New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer!

This new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon showcases some new aspects of the game, from the visual style of the region, to some of the new legendary Pokemon, and culminating in some of the footage of character customization. There’s even a glimpse at a few new characters.


The Pokemon franchise has only ever allowed character customization in Pokemon X and Y several years ago on the 3DS. That feature returns in Pokemon Sun and Moon, though it appears you will be given far more options for preset character templates to start with. Another interesting feature that the game is introducing is the Pokedex being forever changed. The Pokemon Rotom, known for its ability to merge with technology has become one with the Pokemon Sun and MoonPokedex, giving it the ability to communicate with you through an interesting and quirky sentient consciousness. This alteration to the formula is an effective addition to the tone of the Alola region, a tropical group of islands likely inspired by the US state of Hawaii.

This announcement also comes with some interesting implications, as Nintendo has confirmed Pokemon will be showcased during their next E3 event. We’d previously suspected that The Legend Of Zelda would be the only game shown, but this could lead to many other titles being showcased at their event.

Along with the trailer, Pokemon Sun and Moon have been given a release date of November 18th, 2016. For more on this game check out this official website!

Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.

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