New Mega Man Game Rumor

Yasin Price
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Capcom hasn’t put out a Mega Man game in years. Instead, their most recent work that was remotely similar was the Might No.9. Which was actually considered to be a huge disappointment to many fans. It seems they’ve taken a strike at redemption by developing a completely new Mega Man game. An inside Mega-Man-Aki-Lightsource has reported that this game will be based on the upcoming animated series. Which is pretty interesting because it could possibly put an entirely new spin on the franchise offering something fresh to the fans. Or it could be completely different in a disappointing way.

Apparently, there are two development teams that are working on different platforms. For example, there would be a main team would be working on the Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox versions, as the other team would be working on the mobile platforms like the Nintendo 3ds and other mobile devices

Although this rumor has yet to be confirmed offically by Capcom and should be taken with a grain of salt, it is very likely. As the Mega Man animated show is supposed to come out very soon and it’s a reasonable assumption to believe a game would be released around a similar time frame.

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