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New Master X Master Guide to Titan Incarnate

Master X Master, the new MOBA title from NCsoft that was released late last month, published a new guide today on how exactly to use their Titan incarnate mechanic in matches at the Titan Ruins. The guide is meant to go much deeper than the in-game tutorials that players must play before heading into a real match.

Titan Ruins – Inhabiting the Titan

As the in-game tutorial explains, players can transform into a Titan after collecting five titan shards. Only one player on any team can transform, and the game is equipped with a democratic process to work out any disagreements. Once in Titan form, a player becomes extremely powerful and can certainly turn the tide of any match. That said, it’s important to understand not only how to use this unique mechanic, but also when to use it.

As the new guide points out, the ability to transform into a Titan does not expire, so players can choose their timing wisely. Once used, there’s only 25 seconds of smashing, stomping, and general pulverizing before the buff dissipates.

There are some solid tips on how and when to use the Titan Incarnate within a match. As in any MOBA, it’s important for players to realize the potential trades of any engage and understand who can actually win a team fight. Using Titan Incarnate to secure a team fight your team was going to win anyway is waste, because it’s unlikely you’ll get to do anything else before the time is up.

With that in mind, it’s also important to recognize the two different stances that Titans are equipped with. The first, the Brawler Stance, gives the player inhabiting the titan increased damage, increased mobility, and a few different tools for crowd control. This makes the Brawler stance the ideal choice in skirmishes against other players. By pulling out the Titanic Hammer (the Titan’s ultimate), players can shift into a Siege Stance, where they basically become a bulldozer to knock down enemy structures. Make sure you’re utilizing the right stance for the right fight.

There’s plenty more insight to be had in the guide, so be sure to head over to the official site for Master X Master and read up on how you can secure victory in the Titan Ruins. With the ranked preseason for Titan Ruins already under way, there’s no better time to check out the guide than right now.

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