Life Is Strange

Square Enix and friends are dominating the news circuit today, as the developers at DONTNOD Entertainment have just made a big announcement. A new title in the Life is Strange series is not only in development, but has been for quite some time now.

Those who are long time fans of the first title remember that its conclusion didn’t quite leave a lot of room for a direct sequel, so it begs the question of what direction the developers are going to take with this upcoming sequel.

While the game isn’t going to come to E3 this year, fans can expect to hear news on it as development progresses.

For those who are unfamiliar, Life is Strange is a game series released in episodic fashion. The first season brought us through the life of photography student Max Caufield, as she struggled with the experiences of high school life, combined with the newfound time rewinding ability that she discovers while saving the life of a friend.

angeThe game then follows through her experience of interacting with peers with the ability to manipulate her interactions. It takes a strong look at combining an authentic teenage awkwardness with the supernatural element of time travel.

The game received mixed critical acclaim, with players citing its strangely clunky dialogue as a gripe, while its overarching narrative, aesthetic, mechanics, and soundtrack served as some strong positive points for the game. Its strong sense of moral ambiguity was also a driving factor in its success, so it will be interesting to see some of those elements potentially make their return in the upcoming title.

It’s already been confirmed in the video by DONTNOD that the game will be released in a similar episodic manner to its predecessor. For more news on the upcoming game, stay tuned, we’ll update as more becomes available.

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