New Info Surfaces On The Elder Scrolls: Legends

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by Mustapha R. Price

The Elder Scrolls: Legends, the digital free-to-play card game featuring lore and characters from the beloved RPG series, has received a slue of new info as a result of Bethesda’s E3 press conference.

One thing that is a strong separation from its obvious competitor Hearthstone is that The Elder Scrolls: Legends offers a full free to play immersive single player campaign. This story, separate from the main series, will still keep players enticed and entertained while allowing them to learn the mechanics and strategic depth, of this card game. The story takes place from the perspective of an original character.

While I myself was not completely sold on this game upon initial announcement, its details revealed at the Bethesda E3 press conference showed me that between lane based combat and many more features, the game is headed in a different direction from Hearthstone. Different enough where I could see myself playing both games. Even in the context of Elder Scrolls lore, there is quite a bit to explore. Fans of the series should try to get into The Elder Scrolls: Legends beta by signing up on Bethesda’s official website.

Along with these new details, the press conference also confirmed other platforms that the game will be available for, including iPhone and Android smart devices.


The Elder Scrolls: Legends will become the newest contender in a world of competitive card games before long, and fans of the franchise will find themselves immersed in a new experience at no cost. Hopefully, Bethesda continues to add new features and deliver more information and content prior to the game’s launch. In the meantime, as previously stated, players interested in signing up for the beta should head here!

Platforms include Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, as well as android Tablets and other devices set to come this fall.

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