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Meet Crunch, Paragon’s Latest Hero

The brand new Melee fighter known as Crunch is coming to Paragon on November 15th. Crunch is a melee fighter with his own special brand of attacks, boasting a unique combo system. This system allows Crunch to chain combos together in quick succession in order to beat his opponents into a burning scrap heap.


His move set is as follows:

  • Re-Crunch – This move repeats Crunch’s last ability that he used, freeing up an opportunity to unleash a wide range of devastating combos. After landing the base attack, time is shaved off cool-downs, and every third ability you use will be empowered.
  • Forward Crunch – This launches Crunch forwards (obviously) and deals damage to the first fighter he hits. Crunch will also drag enemies for the full distance of the charge if empowered.
  • Left Crunch – Get those hands up, as Crunch throws a left hook to deal increased Cleave damage, which gives out 100% damage when empowered.
  • Right Crunch – Crunch’s ability to slow enemies when he hits them, once empowered the attack will knock up enemies.

The hero, as with all heroes in Paragon, are completely free. Crunch will be available on Tuesday for those taking part in the current open Beta, so download and play today!

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