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New Halloween Themed Skins For Overwatch

October has come and the hype for Halloween can’t be any bigger. Just like every year, developers of online games always try to impress us gamers with content related to pretty much any holiday, from Christmas to Easter. Blizzard has launched another event for Overwatch, titled “Halloween Terror”. The event brings a bunch of spooky things to the table.  The first Overwatch PvE mode(it comes with a story-telling comic) and more than 100 items(highlight intros, victory poses, sprays) that will be reachable during this event. 

Besides all those cool accessories, 12 creepy and bizarre skins are also coming along for players to show off, each for a different character, that you can get through loot boxes. This time, heroes that got a skin are Hanzo, Soldier 76, Zenyatta, Ana, Symmetra, Bastion, Pharah, Mercy, Reinhardt, Mercy, Roadhog, Reaper, and Junkrat. These skins are very unique and any Halloween enthusiast will enjoy receiving one of them.


Halloween Terror is going to be live from October 11 to November 1 so be sure to try and cop any of these skins during the event. For more info about the skins and or about the new PvE mode, I suggest you visit the official Overwatch website.



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