New Face-off Mode For Battleborn

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Battleborn is a freshly published first-person shooter MOBA, developed by 2K Games, that raised it’s playerbase pretty quickly. They recently announced a new upcoming mode. The mode is called Face-off and it’s a free competitive multiplayer mode coming to us on Thursday, October 13.

The average length of Face-off is 15 minutes. In these 15 minutes, your objective is to take down the Valersi. Defeating Valersi drops a bunch of masks which you need to collect and bring them to the depository, located in the middle of the map. The first team to collect 500 of the Valersi masks is victorious. The enemy team will try to do the same thing, so you must balance between collecting the masks and distracting the opponents.


Of course, Valersi won’t tolerate the slaughtering. Throughout the match, the players level up and so does Valersi. Every match has multiple phases that bring intense team fights and tough boss fights.

There are two different ways to collect the masks. The first way is to simply kill your enemies and steal it from them. It denies them from collecting more while benefiting you. The second way of collecting masks is to defeat Valersi. She drops plenty of masks when defeated.

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