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New Class In Icarus Online – Idol, the Shiring loli

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We’ve been introduced to the new class in Icarus Online (Riders of Icarus) on the Korean servers. It’s called Idol and it looks like a small girl with adorable little butterfly wings on her back. This class comes as a representative for the new race called Shiring, who in general seem to look similar to humans.


From what we’ve seen, this cute little fairy-like mage will definitely win the hearts of many players and surely will be found in every team. Idols love their magic as much as they love their small dolls , which will come to life when needed. How convenient is that? In our honest opinion, when we look at this cute little creatures we assume that this class will mainly focus on supporting their team with versatile buffs, but the summoning doll minions might give this class a whole different perspective. These doll minions will definitely bash anything that comes between them and their masters. So, our advice is to not take them lightly. Check out this customization video! We loved it, and we hope you will too.

Check out this customization video! We loved it, and we hope you will too.


All in all, we are very excited and can’t wait to see this new class available across the globe.

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