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New Attack On Titan Gameplay

The popular manga/anime series Attack On Titan is receiving a video game adaptation, courtesy of Koei Tecmo. This game has been described in the past as a reverse Dynasty Warriors, and players will be given quite a treat it seems.


Attack On Titan has become one of the most popular Japanese animated dramas of all time, reaching out to a demographic of non-anime fans in a way few series’ have ever done before. It’s only natural that the series gets a game that measures up to the excited nature of its fanbase.

Attack On TitanA new demo for this game was playable at E3 2016 and fans went wild. Play as the cast of this unique and original series as you aim to take out the Titan menace that threatens your home.

The gameplay footage of the Advanced Gameplay Trailer showcases the game’s comfortable and familiar UI. Fans of the Warriors games will appreciate the use of dialogue to express allied and enemy characters’ positions on the map as well as their intentions.

Take control of Levi, Mikasa, Eren, Armin, and much more in this Koei Tecmo title. Attack On Titan is set to launch on August 30th. It will be released physically on PS4/Xbox One and digitally on PS3/PS Vita/Steam.


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