Destiny Chronicles

JRPGs are a staple in video games, and even to this day, they are a popular genre with loads of games coming out across the world for those who love them. Now, a brand new 3D JRPG has been announced in the form of Destiny Chronicles. This game is inspired by the JRPGs of the past, and hopes to both honor them and improve upon them via its story and its gameplay, all the while delivering a stunning visual tale.

In Destiny Chronicles, you play as a young squire named Celeste. She’s down because it doesn’t seem like people think she can be a true knight of the land. But when a thief comes to her kingdom and steals a powerful artifact, Celeste can sense that this is her chance to prove herself. So she goes after the thief, and begins a journey that’ll have her traveling across a vast land and learning why exactly the thief stole that artifact.

The story grows from there, and through Celeste you’ll meet a wide cast of characters, some of which will join you on your journey to stop the thief. It’s these interactions that are the heart of Destiny Chronicles, and that’s exactly how the team likes it.

That’s not to say there isn’t a deep combat syste. There is, and the team even likens it to Kingdom Hearts in its style. Plus, you’ll actually be able to tailor make how Celeste fights in the game to suit your playstyle. Add that to a deep skills tree and you’ll be able to make her into the perfect battle knight.

As in any RPG, the main quest is your solemn duty, but there are also plenty of side quests to do in order to get more items, more experience, and just to have more fun. Destiny Chronicles is aiming to be a truly fun and unique RPG, and we hope to bring you more info about it soon.


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