New 2D Pikmin Title For Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo recently had one of their Direct presentations where they announced numerous games for the Nintendo 3DS. Perhaps among the most surprising was the announcement of a 2D Pikmin title for the Nintendo 3DS. Those who have been long time fans of the series know that it generally follows a relatively slow rhythm of tactics and reason to manage effective problem-solving.

This game seems to be more in line with traditional 2D Side-Scrollers, where the signature Pikmin commands and mechanics are still at play, but in a much faster-paced setting that requires more out of your quick-wit.

Pic Source: SlashGear

Pic Source: SlashGear

Nintendo announced not too long ago that a new Pikmin installment was in development, but one could imagine that this is not what players had in mind.

This Nintendo Direct saw a very interesting trend of Nintendo taking popular console games and franchises and moving them to handheld. They even announced ports of Super Mario Maker and Yoshi’s Woolly World for Nintendo 3DS.

The Pikmin title still has no official title, but it can be expected to release in 2017. Nintendo made a strange decision, holding a Nintendo Direct and still avoiding the announcement of their NX console. Analysts believe the announcement could still come before Tokyo Game Show on the 15th of September. That big reveal may be just around the corner, but in the mean time, get ready for a new breed of Pikmin action to hold you over!

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